Chill Blend | Cold Brew

✔ Perfect for cold brew. We love it hot too!

✔ Big smoky flavors with a robust but smooth finish

✔ Nutty aftertaste

✔ Only $1.06 per serving

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Roast type: Dark Roast
Aroma & Taste Cocoa and nuts with big smoky flavors with a robust finish
Body Full body and nutty aftertaste
Sourcing Specialty-grade coffee beans
Servings 24 {10 oz servings}
Ingredients Roasted coffee beans, full-spectrum Hemp CD extract
Serving suggestions 25 mg full-spectrum CBD per serving for every 14 grams of ground coffee (3 Tbsp), 21 servings per package
Brewing suggestions Use 14 grams of coffee (3 Tbsp) per 10 oz of water. Adjust to Taste.